How to convince buyers for your export business even if you have no proven track record

Ever find it difficult to convince potential buyers for your export business probably because your rucove profile has no review or you have no proven track record on the import export trade? You're not alone, many exporters face same challenge especially for smaller exporters as they often don't have the expertise and in-house resources to convince export buyers to order from them. Learn few strategies to help you win sales despite how bad your Rucove profile or portfolio looks.

Note: A great profile helps convince potential export buyers but this great profile once had no review, portfolio etc. at first. A few takeaways: There's no magic line but none of that needs an arm or a leg!

These strategies got to do with perfecting your messages/responses to buyers and your choice of words in between those messages. There is more to "perfecting your response"; the key is understanding that self-assurance and the ability to communicate with an export buyer using the right words and timing is a priority. It helps build a healthy relationship and higher engagement -- also good for profits.

We probably may not have an idea of who is checking out our product listings, so first impression matter. Don't wait for export buyers to first reach out to your message box before you make a good impression. We ought to start integrating our communication strategy from the root by;


  1. 1.      Adding product photos, title and description with Benefits

Everyone appreciates a well photographed photo. In fact, one can influence how people give attention to the quality of their product through visual cues but it's just as important to think about the content that follows through. Your product title and description should be "skimmable" and concise.

When writing product descriptions, most agro suppliers unfortunately focus on product features such as color, shipping port etc. but that won't attract export buyers as it's not necessary at first. Also, the shipping port isn't something to worry about as it can be negotiated later on. Look for product benefits or "add on" that can propel an export buyer to reach out your chat box.   List your agro products on marketplaces that have functionalities to help you talk about or display these benefits better. Allowing buyers to figure out about the benefits is like asking them to do your heavy lifting for you.

A feature is something your product "does" or "is". A benefit is something your product "means" to the export buyer. Here is an example;

    Wrong: "This product is GMO free." (feature)

    Right: "This product has no dangerous side effects." (benefit)

Your benefit shouldn't look like a drag queen. Instead;

A. Benefits should be short and straight to the point

Most people can only remember one or two things in their short time memory, export agents and buyers are not left out. Too many explanations on the benefits won't help instead it may create confusion. Once you put yourself in the buyer's shoe, you'll realize that you don't have the time to read the "10 benefits" you've explained on your product description. Keep in mind that generic benefits may likely convince a buyer to place an order but it may not be from your export business! Therefore, focus on benefits that can differentiate you from your competitors. If you couldn't lay hands on any, considers some unique "add ons" or what make you or your company unique.

Once your benefits appear vague or abstract, export buyers may quickly move to the next agro supplier's listings. As short as your benefits will look, be specific and convincing. You'll attract more buyers more quickly if you can communicate the benefits of ordering from you in simple terms as customers do easily remember benefits especially if it's expressed using strong but simple words that evoke emotion.

Congratulations! You're on your next step to securing an export trade for the first time! Before the buyer hits the chat button, remember to be;


  1. 2.       The customer service person

It's your job to create a positive image of you. Your buyer now has an idea of your product benefits. It's now about you and your company. Most times, buyers choose to chat before hitting the "start order" button because they want to have a conversation with a real person or a legit one who can answer all their B2B questions and even the weird and friendly ones, negotiate etc. Use the opportunity to get to know your buyer.

Many of us believed that the business relationship approach from a B2C perspective is quite different from a B2B but that's not really true because behind B2B are two or more people with emotions. People are more willing to buy if they establish a relationship with the seller whether it's a B2B or B2C.

  1.  3.   The person they want to talk with again and again

Yes, and not your product. It wouldn't hurt if you ask your export buyer how he is doing. Before introducing yourself, you can ask his or her well-being. A research on consumer behavior has showed a tremendous increase in sales within a group based on the fact that they were asked of their well-being. This scenario may not probably work for the export buyers' group but the fact that they're humans shows that it can go a long way to help you win sales. Similar research was done among servers and it showed that positive comments increased the tip by 27%! it works too.

 4.    Know your buyer's name

 Hello and Hello Blessing are quite different. Each can influence an export buyer's decision. Know your potential buyer's name and use it often when communicating with him. There is a psychological research done by Bright and Laura Frances from the advertising department of University of Texas which shows that people do like to hear their name and are more likely to get comfortable with people that call them by their name. Several other researches have confirmed that calling one's name activates his/her brain "reward center", making it easier to negotiate trade and close deals.

 5. Certification and Pest Analysis

When it comes to B2B agro trading, your certification and pest analysis do receive almost as much attention as the product itself. Most export buyers have high buying power especially for premium or niche products which can't be easily be substituted for another product. This can make their buying requirements such as proving certification, pest analysis etc. mandatory. Although suppliers influence the buying process, adhering to buyer's strict requirement can give you an edge.

Bear in mind that export agent or buyers never buy because of product features. They buy because they perceive some "benefit" from the product. How they perceive a "seller A" product benefit is quite different from how they perceive a "seller B" product benefit despite the fact that both are same product type. This influences the pricing and the likelihood they'll purchase from you.


These tips and tricks explained above will likely help you convince export buyers and agents. This can help you establish solid business relationships with them. There are tools on your Rucove dashboard to help you navigate your journey in convincing them to buy your product. Have any other strategy? Do let us know on the comment box