What Everyone Ought to know about Rucove

Rucove is becoming the de facto tool for agro trading--a virtual mash-up of an RFQ's, offers, escrows, logistics, inspections, and trade streams with a pinch of corner coaching sessions (and, of course, some wings for good measure).

Its product and services are coming on mainstream just at the right time. Dare not to miss out on its powerful possibilities. It may not have so much going on but definitely have everything one need to execute single or multiple agro-trade successfully. In near future, you may live in it for months without realizing you'd overlooked some out-of-sight opportunities. Get around and see how you can;


1.       Save time searching

Let Rucove help you find the produce and request for quotes. Try some of the following tips in the Rucove search box:

    "All status" to search for produce in any agro circle

    "Growing" to search for produce in the growing stage.

    "Growing" to search for produce in the growing stage.

    "Near harvest" to search for near harvest produce.

    "Harvesting" to search only direct messages sent to you.

    "In stock" to search for stocked produce.


For super-effective searches, pull keywords together like "Sesame seed stocked 1 day ago" to see every sesame seed stocked a day ago for sale.  Want to know who just completed harvest? Search for "Harvest completed on: now" to see every produce that's just being harvested.  The cool thing is, you may see some animation dots (. . .)  that signifies that Rucove is waiting on suppliers that're currently adding their just harvested produce to hit the submit button. Once it's submitted, it'll come up on the search result.

But when it comes to searches on buyers "request for quotes" (RGQ's), it's a little bit different. There are filters to help you narrow down your searches based on the RFQ type, terms, status etc.


2.       Make the trade stream your virtual office

 Yes, it's easy to collaborate on Rucove. Just like slack but with prepaid documents like e-invoices, proposal templates etc.  It's easy to find important messages or files by pinning them at the top of your trade stream. Simply click the "pin" icon above a specific trade stream. The particular trade stream will then appear at the top. You can dive deeper by pinning specific sent and received messages to place it right at the top of the thread, where you can see and be able to access it as needed.


3.       Be a pro with Rucove wings even if you've not export before

 First, make sure this feature is selected before uploading produce. Then go cover to set up your profile. Take a look at what our wings could do for you; a single centralized list of everything you need to export from start to finish.


4.       Clear all doubts with onsite inspection

 When a communication gets serious and questions starts arising, you may need a third party you and the "guy' at the other side knows.  Let Rucove slide in to affirm your claims—including onsite inspection, just when both parties want 'em all right. Once Rucove onsite inspection package is purchased, the supplier needs to move the produce to Rucove lab where it'll be tested and certified. To learn more about Rucove onsite inspection, quickly go here.


5.       Escrow on Rucove wallet

 Need to get everyone's attention? Show us the money; there is an escrow tool called "Rucove Wallet" where buyers funds are kept until the terms of agreement are completed between two parties involved in a given trade. Once an offer or RFQ has a Rucove wallet as one of the payment methods, everyone takes you seriously. Unlike Letter of credit and other old form of payment, Rucove wallet is paperless and charges as low as 5% per successful transaction.

Currently, the rucove team is looking exploring other products and services. Want to get involved? Contact us