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Starting an export business for the first time can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, frequent custom visit and complex certifications. You may choose to trade with Rucove Wings to make this easy: a product of Rucove, with all the certifications and everything needed in exporting from Nigeria.


  • Dedicated Account Manager
    Imagine if you never had to go through the pain of negotiating back and forth, preparing invoices etc. You'll have an account manager that does that.
  • Pricing
    Rucove helps you take key steps to start your first export business—all for one simple commission fee.
  • Trusted Foundation
    Rucove will facilitates payment through Rucove wallet to eliminate fraud and streamline your trading processes.
  • Onsite Inspection
    We put our name at stake so you can have wings to export. We'll need to inspect, verify, test and certify your produce to make sure it meets the international standard.

Not for everyone . . . yet

Rucove wings is designed for people who wants to be agro exporters, having no knowledge of the export market or how to navigate their way to export produce to clients sucessfully. On Rucove wings, we support a maximum of five international trade for each aspiring agro entrepreneur. We believe that during the course of the trade, you’ve mastered how the agro export trade works and can stand on your own. This product is only available to people based in Nigeria but we’re making plans to bring all Africans onboard.
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