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Want a growing produce, near harvest and produce currently been harvested? It's easy to create options that make sense for the way your company wants them. Find stocked ones too. Receive quotes in seconds and improve your company's bottom line.

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Search suppliers’ listings. You can search based on the stage it’s on. Easily find growing produce, hear harvest produce, stocked produce and produce currently been harvested. Negotiate with suppliers and start your order with a click — One discovery could change your business forever.

The Trade Stream & Rucove wallet

Keeping track of your orders can be a full-time job, that's why we built trade streams — our secret weapon to keep every trade organized. Communicate what you want, get updates instantly and share feedback all from the same space. And once your order is complete, pay the supplier at the click of a button, right on the trade stream using the Rucove wallet.

What is a Rucove Wallet

A simple, safe and secure way to pay your suppliers. Avoid unnecessary Bank charges when dealing with LC, TT etc. and still be in control of your deposit.

Your Rucove wallet will be ready in

With Rucove wallet, you can keep your deposit until the produce gets to the destination or as agreed between you and the supplier.

Frequently asked questions

How do you verify your suppliers?

All suppliers on are handpicked. At first, they’ll need to submit their company credentials and we conduct a thorough research on the company based on our years of experience before approval by our support staff. There is a limit of three rejections before our system will no longer allow the supplier to send further applications. Once approved, our algorithm does the hard work — detecting potential fraud activity and blocking ofk suspects. For further information please contact us:

Can we trade outside Rucove once we find a suitable supplier?

On Rucove, we put in a lot of hard work to keep both suppliers and buyers safe and ensure you never worry about getting ripped off. One way our hard work pays off is when you trade and communicate on while taking advantage of your Rucove wallet. However, you’re free to communicate and trade outside Kindly know that Rucove Inc and Rucove LTD including their shareholders, employees and founders won’t be held responsible for any dispute that arises outside the platform.

We’re a little bit not sure who to start trade with. Can Rucove help?

Sure! We can help you get suitable suppliers. please contact us: or use our contact form. Is your order very urgent? Have a chat with us

Is there a way we can have some market insight on some produce?

We're building an analytics section where we'll collect and analyze produce and market information from all over the world. This will help you gain extensive market insight into produce price, trade volume, seasonality in order to know best time to place order and plan ahead. All Rucove members will be notified once this feature is launch.

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